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The children who live at Twinomujuni Children's Home have a variety of stories.  Some lost both parents, some still have one parent who is unable to support their needs.  In Uganda, they use the terms "single orphan" and "double orphan."  

Some of the children were found abandoned by their parents, some had been abused by a parent, or, more often, a step-parent.  Some were starving, some were injured in various ways.

The important thing is, all of them would have either died or be left to find their way on the streets, usually resorting to thievery or prostitution if they had not been brought to Twinomujuni.

Rickey, 12 years old now, in 2022, was found at the probable age of 2 in a banana plantation.  He was alone and showing distinct signs of starvation.  His stomach was swollen and his black hair had turned orange.  He didn't know his name so he was named after Rick Dobbs, co-founder of the Home.  He is now a healthy, active 12 year old who does well in school and has a very charming personality.

Godwin was found at age 8 with his legs and feet infested with almost 80 jiggers, a parasitical insect much like a tick but much worse in that they actually cause an infection that destroys the flesh and causes loss of toes and parts of the feet.  He is now in trade school with a good future ahead. 

There are 39 more stories.  One girl was seen by our Director, Isaac, being sold by her mother to a man.  Isaac interrupted the sale and convinced the mother to let him bring the girl to the Home.  She is now, 8 years later, a beautiful, vibrant young high school student.  Another child was brought to Twinomujuni by the police because he had been found wandering the streets after being abandoned by his parents.  

Sponsoring a child is life-saving.

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